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Meet New People Plus Make New Friends – How Far Better Complete It?

Meet New People and Make New Friends – How Best to Do It?

Moving to a new location, or going through any change of circumstances that results in an upheaval of your friendship group, is always a challenging – and often a painful – experience. Some people are fortunate and form a vibrant new friendship group based around neighbours, work colleagues or another friend already based in that new location. Others, however, are less fortunate and struggle to meet new people and make new friends as quickly. This could be due to any number of reasons. Perhaps this person has moved to a new location but is not in employment. A good example could be a family – mum, dad and two young children – moving to a new location because mum has got a great new job with far better career prospects. It is agreed that dad will remain at home looking after the children. Whereas previously the father had been part of a close network of parents who would meet at nursery, or simply drop by each other’s home for an hour or so, now he finds himself feeling isolated and lonely. Of course, this feeling of isolation is amplified for single parents who don’t have the benefit of time spent with their partner as a way of relieving the tedium experienced as a result of spending their time without adult companionship. The need to meet new people and make new friends of a similar age is clearly evident in this circumstance.

A further example of new-found isolation, but not caused this time by a change in location, is that which is experienced after the break-up of a long-term relationship. In this situation it is possible that friends have previously been mutually shared between both partners in the relationship. Upon separation it is hard for these mutual friends to

Meet New People Plus Make New Friends – How Far Better Complete It?

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