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Influence Of Smoking On Women Wellness

Affect of smoking on women healthArticle by alex jups

Among women, use of tobacco has been shown to increase the risk of cancer, heart and respiratory diseases, and reproductive disordersReproductive Health. Tobacco use has a damaging effect on women’s reproductive health. Smoking is associated with complications of pregnancy, early menopause, and reduced fertility. Tobacco Use During Pregnancy. An estimated 18 to 20 percent of pregnant women smoke throughout their pregnancies. According to the Office of the Surgeon General, smoking is probably the most important modifiable cause of poor pregnancy outcomes among women in the United States. Tobacco use is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm delivery, and infant death, and is a cause of low birth weight in infants. Low Birth Weight. Recent estimates suggest that eliminating smoking during pregnancy could prevent about 20 percent of cases of low birth weight and about 8 percent of preterm deliveries in the United States. Tobacco use during pregnancy slows fetal growth, often causing babies to have health problems as a result of low birth weight. SIDS. Research also suggests that infants are more likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) if their mothers smoke during and after pregnancy, compared to infants whose mothers do not smoke. Although the risk is somewhat less, infants are also more likely to die from SIDS if their mothers stop smoking during pregnancy and resume smoking after delivery. Children’s Health. Tobacco use by mothers can also adversely affect children after birth. It’s estimated that U.S. mothers who smoke at least ten cigarettes a day cause from 8,000 – 26,000 new cases of asthma among their children, annually. In addition, each year between 200,000 and one million children with asthma have their condition worsened by exposure to “second-hand” smoke. Exposing an infant to second-hand smoke also increases the child’s risk of pneumonia, bronchitis, and fluid in the middle ear.

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Influence Of Smoking On Women Wellness

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